Whether you are looking to protect your business or your home, all of our security systems are high definition (HD), giving you a crisp, clear image.

Whether this may be using digial IP systems or the more affordable HD over analogue to produce a digital image.

We use highly reputable brands for our security camera systems, which are HikVision or QVIS. Both of which come with two years manufacturers warranty and 1 year installation warranty.


Remote Viewing

Keep an eye on your premises when you're on the move, we will set everything up from start to finish and give you a full demo of how it all works via a smartphone app.*

*Requires compatible smart device

digital over analogue


Digital over analogue

Digital over analogue using TVI technology. These systems are capable of using upwards of 2MP cameras, which use a digital video recorder (DVR)...

digital ip systems


Digital IP Systems

Digital IP systems are capable of using upwards of 5MP cameras, which use a network video recorder (NVR)...

Full colour night camera


Night cameras

Full colour! Even at night, these cameras provide full colour making black and white recording a thing of the past...